WG Meeting: Mar. 25th 2020

The next official IFIP WG5.8 “Enterprise Interoperability” meeting is:

March 25th (Next Wednesday!) at 08:00 CET  // 17:00 AEST // 01:00 CST // 03:00 EDT



  • Welcome & 1 sentence introduction of the participants
  • Board:
    • Selection of chair: Currently Georg Weichhart is the interim chair of the WG’s board to manage the next steps;
      He would like to ask members to nominate a new chair, please send him a nomination!
      As a first candidate on the list, GW is happy to continue serving as chair.
    • Approval of the current board: Vice-Chair: Prof. Marten van Sinderen; Secretary: Dr. Georg Grossmann; Treasurer: Prof. Yves Ducq
  • Merging WG5.12 & WG5.8
    • Peter Bernus, chair of WG 5.12 “Architectures for Enterprise Integration” and I have been in contact about merging the two IFIP groups. The topics are closely related and we hope with a new group to increase the level of activities. Of course this has a few implications, like if we want to have a new name for the merged groups.
  • IFAC / IFIP Taskforce “Modelling and Architecture Language for Interoperable Cyber-Physical Systems (I-CPS)
    • Following an idea coincidentally also by Peter Bernus (GERAM IFAC/IFIP Task force) a group from IFAC TC5.3 has proposed a new taskforce. You might be aware, GW is currently chair of TC5.3 and will continue for the next three years. Then his chairmanship has to end (because of IFAC rules). GW is part of that group – of course the intention again is to raise the level of activity.
  • Raul Poler proposed to (re-) establish an Open Access Journal on Enterprise Interoperability. That Journal is currently looking for an Editor. Proposals welcome.
  • In order to signal a new start GW is proposing to organize a special issue either in the Open Access Journal or in an established journal. He would like to have a topic about research methods in enterprise interoperability. That should help to guide PhD Students on this topic to find their way. You might have contact to a journal which we could choose.
  • AOP


If you have some other points please send these to Georg Weichhart. Before March 24th. This includes any nominations for the chair of the IFIP WG!