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Welcome to the Homepage of the

IFIP Workgroup on Enterprise Interoperability!



From this page, you will find links for the public and restricted access materials of the IFIP Working Group 5.8 Enterprise Interoperability. Following the links above you can find more information about our aims and the scope of work, the activities we pursue, and our current members.

Membership applications

The IFIP WG5.8 group on Enterprise interoperability seek members who have an academic or industrial track record on the enterprise interoperability field. The field of expertise may focus on computer science, information systems, organisational systems, management, service sciences, modeling of enterprise architectures, and many others that are indicated by the goals of the group.

Following the IFIP culture, we can only take the maximum of two members of the same organisation (e.g. university, institute or company) unless they are active in different disciplines.

When interested to join, please fill in the application form, and include your CV for our consideration. The working group board will seek recommendations for at least two working group members. We will inform you of the decision after the first regular board meeting taking place after your application submission.


Benefits from the membership in the WG5.8 Enterprise interoperability include the following:

  • International relationships in Interoperability;
  • Experience exchange with experts around the globe;
  • Opportunity to become a focal hub point in their country;
  • Acquisition of knowledge;


To maintain your membership, we expect an active participation - whether it is participation of meetings or other contribution to the activities of the working group. Active participation may even be covered by a regular report of interesting results of your research or events you organise.